The Extraordinary New Venture Capital Opportunity

How to Invest Like a Pro

This book was written to fast track you to Financial Freedom. It was a journey that took me around 10 years, but there is a faster route. Rather than trying to figure this out for yourself, you can learn from me, and fast track your way to Financial Freedom.

When I'm coaching my clients, one of the most common goals is Financial Freedom. In my book I reveal the key ingredients to succeed in your financial life. The secrets that no one tells you about. By following these suggestions, you'll dramatically increase your chances of succeeding.

Learn the 3 key ingredients to master the money game:

1. Mind-set

2. Access / ability to raise capital

3. Choosing the right financial vehicle to grow your money

This will fast track you onto your journey to invest like a pro.

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About the Author

Jagir is entrepreneur, CSO of a new generation global investment bank, investor and a coach. Jagir started his professional life as a Math teacher, teaching in South London UK where his one mission has always been to make a difference to people. To help people not only see their own potential but also to help unlock it.

Jagir has traded currencies for over 8 years and was published in the best selling book "High Probability Trading Strategies" for his Risk Management strategies. He now works heavily in the Fin-Tech space, with a new generation equity crowdfunding platform that is leading the way for Tech start-ups.Jagir is never a shy of a challenge, in his younger years he was a break-dancer and able to spin on his head. Whilst teaching Math, he was not only know as "Mr Singh" but also "the break-dancing Math teacher"

Jagir owns 2 educogym Franchises in London where he has an amazing team of 12 staff members. In 2017 they gave him an award for his leadership and the life impacting difference he has made to each and everyone of them "He see's potential in us that we don't even see ourselves"

The Extraordinary New Venture Capital Opportunity


  • You must be in it to win it

    Take action and start your financial journey

  • Understand Money

    Your mind-set with money matters

  • There is a Solution and It's Called TRCP

    Everything has a model, don’t re-invent the wheel

  • Don't Buy into Your Circumstances

    Everyone has excuses, don’t let these stop you

  • It's Simple

    Don’t over-complicate things

  • There is No Right or Wrong Answer

    Everyone has an opinion, you have to make a decision

  • The Strategy That I Teach

    The key ingredients to succeed

  • A World's First

    What is trending right now. Leverage this.


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